Hello dear ArgoUML developers,

I am a master student at PUC Minas, Brazil. I started a research about
software product lines (SPL), which are basically a  methodology that
advocates that software should be designed and implemented by
composing together particular features (or variabilities) with a
pre-defined set of core components. The ultimate goal is to promote
the generation of systems that meet the requirements of particular
users, domains or environments.

Despite years of research in this field, we have not many concrete
examples of systems implemented following this methodology. For
example, it is common to have systems that use preprocessor directives
(e.g. #ifdef and ifndef) to support low-level variabilities (such as
different APIs or application specific  configuration options), but
not high-level features. On the other hand, there are attempts to
implement end-users features  using technologies such as AOP.
However, such attempts are based on  small and fairly simple systems.

Therefore in my research I am trying to implement a real-world SPL, in
order to better evaluate the benefits and limitations of this
methodology. For this purpose, I have selected the ArgoUML. More
specifically, I have already extracted the following features from the

* Logging
* Cognitive/Critics/ToDoItem
* Activity Diagram
* State Diagram

In other words, at this moment, I have generated a version of ArgoUML
where the mentioned features can be easily enabled (or disabled) before
compilation. As I said before, my goal is to evaluate the benefits of
SPL and its ability to generate software customized to the needs of
particular end-users. All the source code of this initial work can be found
in the ArogoUML-SPL SVN repository.

After this initial step, I would like to iterate more closely with the
ArgoUML developers. There are a lot of others features that could be extract
from this application, for example the others UML Diagrams. A lot of tests and
merges between the last stable version of ArgoUML and the last version of ArgoUML-SPL
is necessary too (we worked with ArgoUML v0.28.1), so we are looking
for developers interested in help us. All suggestions are wellcome.

All developers interested in help us are wellcome. Thanks for your time and attention.

We wait for your contact.

Best regards,

Marcus Vinicius de Ávila Couto
Master Student
PUC Minas, Brazil